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Photo Days Schedules -

October 18th and 19th 2018

Team Managers: Your time slot has been added to your TeamSnap schedule. You will notice 2 times on the schedule. The first is the arrival time which is 15 minutes before your actual picture time—noted in the second column. Please make sure that your players arrive at this time. This is very important as it will help keep the day on schedule and ensure that a team with late players doesn’t hold up a team where all of their players have shown up on time.
Also, please remind all players and parents that if the pictures are going to be taken in the École Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School in the Atrium (just inside the main entrance). Timings will be promulgated soon for each day. Teams will only be required to attend one of the days which will indicated on the schedule.

Please be courteous to the volunteers, and photographers.

If we all follow these guidelines, the picture day should go smoothly. Thanks for all your help.

The Schedule for Day 1 -October 18th Schedule.

The Schedule for Day 2 - October 19th Schedule.