2019 Outdoor Season - Registration


February is Soccer Registration Month



The 2019 Outdoor Season General registration opened 01 February 2019

The general registration period closes at 23:59 hours on 02 March 2019.

Your child may still get on a team provided there is space.

As of 03 March 2019 waitlists will be created for each age division. If there is room you will be asked to complete the payment process to include the late registration fee and the volunteer deposit cheque handed in.

Info for Parents on Registrations

Based on questions raised by parents we are taking steps to answer them as they come in. This is where we will share them with you, in case you are thinking the same thing.

Q1. Is there a discount for registering siblings?
A1. Yes, if you register 3 or more siblings then you'll receive a $25 discount on the 3rd and subsequent children.

Q2. I heard that there is no longer a Jersey Deposit. Is this true?
A2. Yes, effective the 2019 Outdoor season the Jersey deposit will no longer be collected. Instead, every player will receive a game jersey that they will keep after the season is over. Players will be able to put name bars on the back if the team chooses to do so, as long as they meet certain colour, size and font requirements.

Q3. Where do I drop off the Volunteer Deposit cheque?
A3. The volunteer deposit cheques can be dropped off at the Ken Nichol Regional Recreation Centre (KNRRC) in the wooden BSA box that is #2.

Q4. What date should be on the cheques?
A4. For the Outdoor season the date should be April 30 of the current year for Volunteer Deposit (ALL),the Jersey Deposit (U9 and Up). The date for the Indoor season the date should be April 30th of the upcoming year.

Q5.How do I print a receipt for Registration fees?
A5.Sign into the EMSA Portal (https://emsasoccerportal.com/ui/?) where you register your child. Once successfully logged in there is a link located on the left hand side of the Dashboard labelled Invoices/Receipts. Select this tab, now you'll have access to download previous years receipts.

Q6. What if I cannot access the internet can I register my children in person?
A6. Please contact Kirsten, the BSA administrator, for assistance at (587)987-9667

Volunteer Deposit (or) Volunteer Position Buyout

As with many community based organizations they rely heavily on Volunteers in order to complete the many tasks required to function effectively.  The Beaumont Soccer Association is no different as we need volunteers. Volunteers do everything from sorting our equipment, Coach our games, fundraising (such as BBQs and Bottle Drives) and conducting our annual Soccer Fest, just to name a few. The volunteer positions normally have a duration from 1 hour to as many as 4 hours.

This year we are giving families the option to buyout of their volunteer position. We will set a date and families will have until that date to sign up for a position or opt to buyout. The funds collected from the buyouts will be used to hire other individuals in the community to complete those same tasks.

The Volunteer Deposit will be cheque in the amount of $250.00 cashed only if you do not sign up for a Volunteer position prior to (May 1st each year for Outdoor soccer/October 1st each year for Indoor soccer) or if you are a no show to the Volunteer position you signed up to do. These funds may be used to hire someone at short notice to do fill the position.

The Volunteer Buyout will be $150.00 paid up front prior to the season start date.

The hope is that families will continue to volunteer and be actively engaged in their child's activities and not opt for the buyout.

****VERY IMPORTANT*** Please use the same email address to sign up for your Volunteer position that you used to register your child to play soccer.

To register your player, it is a three step process.

Step 1, please click on the link button below. Please be sure to register as a BEAUMONT community player to be placed on a Beaumont team. If you are moving into Beaumont from Edmonton, please ensure that your old community transfers your file to Beaumont before you attempt to register. Otherwise you will not see our fees and you may pay more. There is no requirement to have a Community League number to register in Beaumont.

Step 2, ensure that you have either opted to payout the volunteer fee or have already signed up for a volunteer duty in the 2018-19 Indoor season. If not, you need to sign up for a Volunteer duty here.

Step 3 Ensure the following documents and cheques are recieved by BSA no later than 23:59 hours 02 Mar 2019

  • Registration fee cheque (IF you are paying by cheque) - dated the current date
  • $250 Volunteer Deposit Cheque - ALL age groups, unless paying the $150 Buyout at time of registration. - dated April 15, 2019
  • Proof of Age - IF this is the first time you are registering with BSA you will also need to attach a copy of the Birth Certificate or Alberta Healthcare Card

The above can be submitted by

1. Place in the secure BSA drop box located at the Ken Nicol Regional Recreation Centre (KNRRC) main lobby. (Wooden box #2 on right-hand side)

All cheques are to be made payable to Beaumont Soccer Association.

The Beaumont Soccer Association does not accept cash as a form of payment.

Once the registration period closes, players will be placed on teams. The BSA utilizes TeamSnap for all Team Management, it is critical that you accept ALL invitations to join (as you may receive more than one) so that you remain in the loop. Please see the TeamSnap links under the "Resources" menu, here.

Please click on the "Registration" menu to get information on which Years of Birth go into the various Age Groups along with days of play and the fees.

Our goal to to enable as many kids to play the beautiful game as possible by not making our fees cost prohibitive. We may call upon players to conduct limited fundraising, however at this time that remains an uncertainty.