Referee Referee image 1Assignments for BSA

BSA is responsible for assigning Centre Referees and/or Assistant Referees/Linesman to the BSA U9 and up Home games.

To assist Beaumont and area people interested in becoming and maintaining a referee certification, BSA hosts the ASA Referee courses in Beaumont.

Refer to Referee Courses for a description of the courses offered and the dates and time of those courses, as well as how to register for the course.

Referees are paid at the field according to Referee Pay Structure

All referee assignments are conducted using the online tool.


Official’s Code of Conduct

BSA officials are required to adhere to the Alberta Soccer Association Code of Conduct for Officials, and shall:
• Conduct themselves with dignity both on and off the field of play and shall, by example, endeavour to inspire the true principles of fair play and earn the respect of those whom they serve.
• Not cause the Association to become involved in any controversial matters and shall abide by the rules and regulations of the jurisdiction in which they officiate;
• Adhere to all standards and directives.
• Always be neat in appearance and maintain a high level of physical and mental fitness;
• Study the Laws of the game and be aware of all changes, and shall enforce all said Laws and changes.
• Perform their designated responsibilities, including attending organized clinics and lectures, etc., and shall assist their colleagues in upgrading and improving their standards of officiating, instructing and assessing.
• Honour any appointments made for and accepted by them unless unable to do so by virtue of illness or personal emergency.
• Not publicly criticize other officials or any soccer association nor shall they make any statements to the media related to any game in which they were involved.

Game Assignment Process

All BSA game assignments are made through Assignr – Referee Scheduling and Assignment System, an automated system used by many leagues and clubs in the Alberta Soccer Association and is found at
Normally, a referee must be at least 2 years older than the age group playing the assigned game. (For example, to be the Centre Referee for a U13 game, the referee should be at least 15 years old.)

Accepting Game Assignments

Referees are notified by email that they have been offered games. Upon receipt of a notification, the referee must logon to Assignr and accept or reject the game offer. If a game is not accepted within 48 hours of the game being assigned, another referee will be assigned to the game.

Declining Game Assignments

A referee who is unable to accept an offered game must decline the assignment in Assignr a minimum of 48 hours before the scheduled kick-off time for the game.
If a referee wishes to decline a game within 48 hours of the scheduled kick-off, the assigned referee must contact the BSA Referee Assignor by phone or text message at (780) 599-0276 to have the assignment cancelled.

Switching Game Assignments

A referee who has accepted a game is expected to officiate at that game. Referees are not permitted to make informal arrangements to switch assignments with another official.

Accepting a Game as a Fill-in Referee

A fill-in referee can be used and made official only if he or she is an BSA registered referee, is in uniform and has all appropriate equipment and a game sheet. Assistant referees cannot be pressed into service if they are not qualified for the age level or degree of difficulty of the game.

Emergency Cancellation Procedure

In the rare event that a referee must cancel an assignment on the day of the game, the referee must contact BSA Referee Assignor in person by telephone or text at (780) 599-0276. DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE ON VOICE MAIL. The BSA Referee Assignor receives many phone calls during the day and your message may not be picked up before the kick-off time. There is no emergency cancellation procedure for Sunday games.

Getting the most out of Assignr

Assignr has an automated scheduling component that assists the referee assignor to assign referees to games based on several factors, such as referee availability, league, division, field, day of week, and kick-off time.

The BSA Referee Assignor:
• assigns each referee a grade level based on training, experience and age, abilities and availability;
• enters the game details (division, date, kick-off time, field)
• assigns a degree of difficulty for each division

Referees are responsible for:
• ensuring their Profile data is correct
• entering their Abilities (Centre Ref or AR, AR Only, or None)
• entering their Availability (days of the week)
• entering their Conflicts (any teams that family members play on or you play on yourself and any other referees you do not what to work with)

So how does this work?
• We look in RefCentre to find all eligible referees within District EDMONTON or EDMONTON MINOR
Your profile is created in Assignr and an invite email is sent to the email address used in RefCentre

Game schedule are created in Assignr and based on Referee available and grade are assigned to games. Games are initially assigned in an equitable manner however due to some referees declining assignments some referees may get more assignments in the end.
• If you decline a game offer for a particular date, the system will not offer you another game assignment for the same date.
• The referee assignor can over-ride the system settings to make game assignments.

What can I do to get more game assignments?
1. Fill in your availability. Every Saturday, each referee is required to confirm their availability settings for the upcoming 4-5 week period. This is carried out to ensure each referee who state they are available, actually are available. If you don’t tell us you are available then we won’t assign you any games. Referee game assignments are offered 2-3 weeks prior to the game date. However due to late referee cancellations, games can be offered on the same day as the game.

2. Keep your availability up-to-date. If you know that you are going to be away or have another appointment, update your profile to show that you are not available on those dates. If you decline too many game offers, we will stop offering you games!

How Assignr Grades are applied by BSA

Assignr                                Game Positions
Mini                           U9/U11**                   // AR U11/ U13 (if Local AR training Completed)
Youth                Centre U9*/U11/U13      // AR U11/ U13/U15/U17/U19
District           Centre U11/U13/U15/U17/U19 //AR U13/U15/U17/U19

BSA is authorized by the ASA to grade club referees up to Youth. Higher grades for District and Provincial referees are assigned by the ASA referee coordinator.
Referees must be at least a Mini qualified referee with the AR Training module to be an Assistant Referee.

*When possible U9 games will be offered to Mini referees to gain experience and confidence

**If 2 yrs of age older than U11.