July 2, 2020 - We are feverishly working on the many requirements needed to put together the 2020 outdoor season.  As of today, we are still working on allocating players and team staff and setting up the groups and schedules on TeamSnap.  Expect an invitation by email over the next couple days!  If you haven't heard from us by Sunday evening (or later if you are not one of the Monday groups described below), please reach out to us at admin@beaumontsoccer.com
All sessions will be at Champs Vallee, East and West fields with each field divided into a “North” and “South”.  The season will be 8 weeks long starting on Monday, July 6, 2020!
6:00pm - U5
7:30pm - U13 boys and U13/15 girls
6:00pm - U7 girls and boys
7:30pm - U11 girls and boys, U15/17 boys
6:00pm - U9 girls and boys
TBD - Extra training sessions
Thank you all for your patience and have a great season!
Beaumont Soccer Association

June 24, 2020 - Beaumont Soccer Association board of directors are currently planning for the 2020 season. It's going look much different than in years past, but the ultimate hope is to create a program of personal skill development while also having fun!!

We are looking to start on July 6th. If you are currently registered, you will be receiving an e-mail shortly that will explain the program in detail.

We would like to thank you for your patience during this planning period.

June 11, 2020 - We are eagerly reviewing all of the applicable documentation that has been announced recently by ASA and AHS and will be providing return to play plans very soon!


While things may not look the same as our traditional programming, BSA is very excited to be able to offer an outdoor season that will allow for skill development and technical growth. We are also  evaluating fees to make sure they reflect this modified season.  


The window for withdrawals and new registrations will be very, very small. If you are currently enrolled and decide not to continue, there will be a specific deadline that you must withdraw by without paying administrative fees. This date has not yet been determined. We will do our best to make further announcements in the coming days.


Please check back soon for more information!



May 28, 2020 - The Beaumont Soccer Association is still working closely with various governing bodies (EMSA, ASA and CSA) on a plan for the outdoor season.  ASA has been working with the Alberta Government on plans and requirements for how to safely run the season if it is to proceed.  We are still very hopeful of a season that starts early July and will run into August. What we do know is that once approval has been given to start the season, the plan is to start some type of season within 10 days.  This will require a huge effort by all parties involved as this is usually a process that we spend about a month to accomplish.

As previously stated, if you are unable or unwilling to participate in a season that could run through July and August, we will be providing full refunds with no fees.  If the season is ultimately cancelled, full refunds will be provided to everyone.  Due to time constraints, we do ask that you request your cancellation before June 15th.  This will allow BSA time to cancel any registrations and ensure they do not impact team formations.  If we have a good idea of who is still interested, we can start forming the teams to prepare.

Also due to the time restrictions on forming teams and submitting them to EMSA, we do ask that if you are wanting to play that you stay registered. We may be able to accommodate a few extra late registrations if there is room on a team, but we cannot guarantee a place.  If you are not currently registered and are interested, we ask that you register as soon as possible (before June 15th).

For updates on Covid-19, please refer to the following sites




Thank you,


Martin Carnegie

President, Beaumont Soccer Association

FAQ as of May 28, 2020:

Q:  If and when fields are open, are teams allowed to practice even if they maintain social distancing?

A:  No.  Any team events are not allowed at this time.  This includes practices, conditioning, get togethers, fund raising, etc.  It is very important that teams do not begin any programming or activities before we have been given clearance by the governing bodies.  There are strict penalties that ASA will be enforcing and the ASA Insurance
broker has advised that coverage will not be in effect until there is direction given to allow organized sports to resume.


Q:  If I am unable or unwilling to play in July and August, or not comfortable with my child playing due to COVID-19, will there be refunds?

A:  Yes, the BSA will be issuing refunds to those that request them. Please email admin@beaumontsoccer.com with the player first and last name. Please allow up to a week for processing.