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Micro Soccer

Micro Soccer is designed to give young girls & boys ages 3 to 8 an opportunity to learn to play soccer in a fun, and local environment. We encourage young girls & boys to participate in multiple activities, soccer being one.

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Mini Soccer

Minis play soccer in a fun and supportive environment in our Mini Divisions. We encourage 9 to 12 year old children to participate in multiple activities, soccer being one.

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Youth Soccer

We form Youth teams with Junior High students. Our teams tend to be very successful, often winning tournaments, including City Finals and usually place in the top tier of rankings by age groups.

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Competitive Soccer

Our competitive teams provide fun, camaraderie, and competition for young players with intermediate to advanced soccer skills.

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Equipment Director Needed

The Beaumont Soccer Association is looking for a keen, well organized, self-motivated individual to take on the volunteer position of Equipment Director.  This position will become vacant at the end of the fiscal year and the names of those interested will be put forth at the BSA Annual General Meeting held in March 2017 as part of the final selection process. The selected individual will be responsible to the BSA President for the ordering of Team Jerseys and all associated equipment. With the assistance of parent volunteers you will setup team packs for distribution to each team for the indoor and outdoor seasons and collect them back up at the end of each season. This position is a voting Executive Board position which also requires attendance at the monthly Executive Committee meetings. If you are interested please send your name, address, phone number via email to John Stewart, BSA President at president@beaumontsoccer.com.

2017 Outdoor Registration Fees - Price Freeze

Despite the increasing costs to provide our program, the Executive Board has voted in favour to freeze the 2017 Outdoor Season Registration fees at the same rate as in 2016. Some players that move up in age group will still see an increase however the base fees will not have changed. We fully understand that a large segment of the population of Beaumont has felt and in some cases continue to feel the negative affects of the economy. Our goal to to enable as many kids to play the beautiful game as possible by not making our fees cost prohibitive. We may call upon players to conduct limited fundraising, however at this time that remains an uncertainty .

Final Round of the 2016-17 Indoor Season

Most teams have played their first games of the the 3rd and final round of the 2016-17 Indoor Soccer Season. The final games of the regular season will be played on 12 Feb 2017. The standings at the end of Round 3 determine which teams will advance to City Finals. Tiers that have been split into two (2) group, will see the top two (2) from both X and from Y advance into the City Finals competition. Tiers that have not been split into separate groups, will see the top four (4) teams advance into City Finals competition. Finish Strong Beaumont!!!

End of the Indoor Season - Survey

With the Indoor Season beginning to wrap up for another year we are looking to you for ways of improving our program. If your child played in the 2016-17 Indoor Season, please fill out the survey that is located via the button bar below. It will take less than 2 minutes to complete and your feedback will be very helpful. Thank you!!

Upcoming Events

Indoor Season Team Officials Season Close-out Meeting

There will be an end of season close-out meeting held on Friday 24 February 2017 at the Centre communautaire Beaumont Community Centre (CCBCC) 5204-50 Ave, Beaumont at 6pm.

Indoor Soccer Equipment Returns

Attention Coaches: Three drop-off sessions have been setup for the return of your Indoor Season equipment. The dates are as follows:

  • Saturday 04 Mar 2017 from 9am to 1pm;
  • Saturday 11 Mar 2017 from 9am to 1pm; and
  • Saturday 18 Mar 2017 from 9am to 1pm.

If your team continues to play beyond these dates please contact Mary @equipdir@beaumontsoccer.com to arrange an alternate drop-off time.

Upcoming Soccer Referee Courses

Are you 12 years old and would like a great summer job? Hey why not get some exercise and make some money. How? Well that is the easy part, you can become a soccer referee!! Course information is available here.

Are you already a soccer referee? Are turning 14 years or 16 years old and want to up your game to the next level? We have the Enry Level courses now available as well? For more information visit here.

Next Monthly Executive Meeting

The next Executive Meeting is scheduled to be held at 5:00pm on 12 March  2017 at the Beaumont Community Church, Beaumont, AB.

Beaumont Soccer Association Mugs

Want you encourage your child to drink milk? Maybe you need a new coffee mug! Or maybe a friend has a special occasion coming up. Well we have the the perfect gift!! The Beaumont Soccer Association has designed ceramic Coffee mugs and stainless steel Travel mugs each for only $10 dollars. For more information click here.

Beaumont's Spring Awareness Event!!

You might be pondering whether to register your child for soccer this year or maybe this is your first season with us and need to show us your child's proof of age documents. Either way, we'd really like to meet you at this year's Spring Awareness Event. This event will be held on March 4th 2017 from 1030am til noon at the Centre communautaire Beaumont Community Centre (CCBCC) located at 5204-50 Ave, Beaumont. Lots of local organizations will be present and it is a great opportunity to see what is availbale in our town, there's something for everyone to become actively involved in. Hope to see you there!!

Pre-Season Soccer for U8 to U16

The Beaumont Soccer Association has setup a few sessions with basic drills and scrimmage time.

In order to participate, all players must be registered for the 2017 Outdoor season. There are no additional charges for the sessions.

For equipment you'll need the standard equipment for Outdoor soccer with the exception of footwear. As cleats don't work very well at all on floors, please have running shoes with non-marking soles.

These will all be held in the Beau Meadow School Gym. To sign up visit here.

Thank You To Our Sponsors!!