Referee Pay Structure

2023 Outdoor Season

Note 1:  Referees will be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) with up to a one week delay. Games will be reported to the BSA Treasurer by the BSA Referee Assignor every Sunday evening). The EFT allows BSA to send your pay to you which you can deposit straight into your bank account. 


Note 2: The Centre Referees are to ensure that the AR's for the game sign the game sheet and the end of the game. The Centre Referee is to take a picture of the completed game sheet and text it to the BSA Referee Assignor or email it the same day.


Note 3: In the event a game is cancelled by the Centre Referee due to lightning, extreme weather, or poor air quality index by the Centre Referee at the field, the referees will still be paid but all must sign the game sheet.  Centre Referees please refer to Note 2.


Note 4: If the game is cancelled by BSA ahead of the game, such as in the morning, the referees will not be paid for that game as they did not have to go to the field.


2023 Beaumont Community Games - Outdoor Pay Scale

U9 (Centre Only) $30

U11 Centre Referee $35
U11 Assistant Referees $20

U13 Centre Referee $45
U13 Assistant Referees $30

U15 Centre Referee $55
U15 Assistant Referees $35

U17 Centre Referee $60
U17 Assistant Referees $35

U19 Centre Referee $60
U19 Assistant Referees $35