May 1, 2021 - Good morning/afternoon/evening BSA Family,


The BSA board will be attending a meeting with Mill Woods Soccer Association (MWSA) on Sunday May 3rd to look at direction based on the latest available information.


There was an email sent from Edmonton Minor Soccer Association (EMSA) this evening that discussed games starting on June 1st. At this time, we do not know which age groups are included, but it will be at least U13 and up.


Currently we are able to offer the 8 and 2 (8 players and 2 coaches) technical sessions with the restrictions placed by Alberta Soccer Association and AHS. More information on these guidelines can be found at


For our U5 and U7 programs, we will also be evaluating what can be offered at the Sunday meeting and when these programs will start.


For U9 and up, we will be looking to start technical training as per the ASA guidelines starting May 15th. We will be sending information shortly on the process.


Please watch for updates on Monday. We hope to get a notice out with more details and for you to complete the payments. All notices will be posted to the website at and on Facebook at


Thank you,


Martin Carnegie

President, Beaumont Soccer Association

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