referee image 2Abusive Behaviour Toward Referees

Please watch this video.

It is difficult to recruit referees, so it is important that we create a positive and enjoyable environment for them. Many of the referees are young members of our communities, and should not have to endure abuse from adults! Would you like it if YOUR child was subjected to this kind of treatment? As adults, we have a responsibility to set a positive example and demonstrate leadership and appropriate behavior.

The Beaumont Soccer Association and the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association have a Zero Tolerance policy toward the harassment and abuse of Referees.

The following are guidelines for dealing with incidents surrounding Referees and Parents:

  • Parents/Spectators are NOT to approach or verbally abuse any of the Referees in any way.
  • If a Coach feels the Referee is calling a game in such a way that the safety of the children is in jeopardy, the Coach should abandon the game, noting the reason on the game sheet. The EMSA Discipline Committee will review any incident of a Coach abandoning a game in this manner. If the Coach's actions are found to be without merit, the abandoning team will forfeit the game in question.
  • If a Parent feels the Referee is calling a game in such a way that is jeopardizing the safety of their child, and the Coach does not agree, the Parent can remove their child from the game.
  • If a Parent/Spectator is bothering a Referee verbally, the Referee may ask the Coach to speak with the offending parent/spectator or the Referee may send them off directly. If the verbal abuse continues, the Referee may abandon the game, reporting the incident accordingly. If the game is abandoned, the offending team loses by default.

We hope that all issues and incidents between Coaches, Parents and Referees can be settled in a positive, constructive way. We do encourage anyone with concerns to forward them in writing to the Beaumont Soccer Association - Attn: Referee Assignor.

Thank you for your support.
Beaumont Soccer Executive