Frequently Asked Questions

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2019 Outdoor Season Parents Handbook v1.1

Clothing and Equipment

What clothing and equipment does my child need to play soccer?

Refer to the Clothing and Equipment - Outdoor or the Clothing and Equipment - Indoor pages for all the details on what your player need to bring to the field besides an eagerness to play.

What if my child has lost the shorts we were given at the beginning of the season, how do I replace them?

It will be up to each player to maintain their uniform per the rules of the game.  BSA only orders enough stock to provide one pair of shorts and socks for each player.  There are several sports equipment stores that may have the same or similar products.


How long is the Vulnerable Sector Check(VSC) valid for?

The Criminal Record/Vulnerable Sector Check is a snap-shot of a person's history up to and including the day it is issued.  The safety of all children playing within the Beaumont Soccer Association cannot be over-emphasized, to this end, we require the CR/VSC to be completed at a minimum every two years.


My emails to my Yahoo account are going to my Spam Folder. How do I stop this?

The following instructions should make emails go to your inbox: 1) go to your spam folder. 2) Find an email from 3) Select the email and select More from your mail tool bar. 4) Select Filter emails like this... 5) Enter a Name i.e. BSA 6) Select Sender 'ends with' 7) Enter '' 8) Leave recipient, subject and Email Body 9) Select Then move message to 'Inbox' 10) Save


I heard there is a Jersey Deposit required.  Is this true?

BSA will no longer be collecting a jersey deposit.  All issued uniform parts will be kept by each player.

Game Information

How do I find out if the fields are closed?

For games played on a Town of Beaumont field see the Field Status on the home page. For games played elsewhere go to Edmonton Field Status


How do I print a receipt for registration Fees?

Sign into the EMSA Portal ( where you register your child. Once successfully logged in there is a link located on the left hand side of the Dashboard labelled Invoices/Receipts. Select this tab, now you'll have access to download previous years receipts.


When does registration open?

Registration for the Outdoor season opens the first day of February and goes till the beginning of March. Registration for the Indoor season opens beginning of August and closes first week of September. Late registrations can be accepted if there is space available on teams.

How old does my child need to be to play soccer?

The youngest age group is U5, so for the 2020 outdoor season, the child must have been born in 2015 or 2016.

When is outdoor soccer and how do I register?

The outdoor soccer season usually starts the first week of May, weather permitting, and goes until the end of June for the younger age groups (Micro to U9).  The older age groups (U11 and up) may play into July.

You can register online starting February 1, 2020.   You can also register at our AGM in March or at the Town of Beaumont Spring Awareness Night in early March.

How do I find out which team I am on?

Go to the Divisions and Teams page and select age group of your child's name. You will also be loaded on the team thru TeamSnap and will receive notification via email to join the team. Your team Manager will be able to guide you on how to use TeamSnap.

How do I withdrawl my registration?

Please go to the Contact Us page and submit a Player Withdrawal Request via the form. If you have already paid, the registration will be cancelled and you will be receive a refund in the same method that you paid us - according to the Refund Policy. If you have not paid, the registration will be cancelled and we will know not to bother you for payment.

If we have already completed our volunteer requirements by working the photo day in November, do we need to send in another volunteer deposit cheque for the outdoor season?  I understood that you only need to volunteer once for the whole year.

That is correct! The volunteer requirement begins with the indoor season and carries over to the consecutive outdoor season. So if a player registered in the 2019-20 indoor season and a family member completed a volunteer shift then subsequently registers for the 2020 outdoor season, then the requirement has been met.  It is recommended that anyone in this position, contact our Volunteer Director at


Where do I find the practice and game schedules?

Practice and Game schedules can be found on the Division and Team Page (accessible from Divisions and Teams). You can also be notified via TeamSnap if you have selected to be notified by email. You can have this scheduling sent directly to your Google Calendar. EMSA creates the schedules for the following age groups/leagues:

Competitive - All tier 1, 2, and 3; and

Community - U9,U11, U13, U15, U17 and U19.

Practices will be entered into TeamSnap by your Team Manager.

Team Pages

How do I see the Team Staff contact details on the TeamSnap?

Once you've logged into TeamSnap select the Roster tab and scroll down to Non-Players and your team staff will be listed with their contact information.

TeamSnap Login

How do I change my postal address or email address?

To change your player information you must login first visit TeamSnap and enter your email address and password. Select the team of your child and then select Roster, Select your Child and then select Edit. Change the required information on the player details page and select "Save" to save your changes.  As usual, if you need assistance doing this please call the support number (587) 987-9667 or send a message via the form on the "Contact Us" page under the heading tab "About Us." We'll gladly guide you thru the process!!


What does the volunteer commitment entail?

Each player (or player family) must complete one four-hour volunteer shift in the outdoor season. This could be as simple as helping at the end of year tournament or being a coach. Please refer to the Volunteer Sign Up page and sign up via the "Go to Volunteer Spot" button.