Soccer Ref WhistleAssignr System Log-In provides online services to manage the Beaumont Soccer Association's referee - match to referee assignment, assessments and overall management.

Once you meet the criterion to be eligible to referee in the upcoming 2019 Outdoor season in, you will be added to the Referee Assignment tool website. Please expect to receive an email from, this will not be spam. You will be required to set a new password for your account. On the top right corner of the homepage you'll see your new login name please record this and the new password that you set. Please write these down and save in a safe place. You will need to mark your availability using the Availability tab on the left of the screen. The first games will tentatively be around May 1st. Please do not state that you are available on days that you play yourself, coach or have accepted a game somewhere else. Once you've logged out, please add the page to your bookmarks/favorites for the next time you log in.

Please click on the link below to log in.

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