Grassroots Program (U5 - U7)

“The essence of Grassroots Soccer is to encourage and nurture a passion for playing the game.” Alberta Soccer Association

The Grassroots program is all about getting the youngest players out and playing with others in an atmosphere that encourages fun. With these age groups, basic skills are taught through various games.

The program is delivered in a “festival” format where a technical director provides session plans to the team staff and helps them deliver the sessions. This allows for the development of the players and future coaches. At the end of each session, the players will be put into teams to have small sided games which will be used to implement the skills used during the training sessions.

The session plans are based on the Canada Soccer Association’s Long Term Player Development (LTPD) and the Preferred Training Model. These are proven programs with formatting specific to the various age groups.

In the LTPD model, this age group is referred to as “Active Start”. For more information on the LTPD, please refer to

Alberta Soccer Association also provides the Preferred Training Method with additional information for the various age groups:

Fundamentals Program (U9)

The Fundamentals builds on the Grassroots with the introduction of refereed games. At this level, the players will be provided with 1 coach lead practice, 1 technical director practice and 1 game each week.

The focus of Fundamentals is to enhance the technique/skills of each player. The introductory skills are required to allow for the continued growth of the player.

Both the U9 and U11 programs are a major focus area for BSA for the continued development of these young players. We are continuing to look for more ways to engage with these players to continue their interest in soccer.

BSA’s technical director and other board members are available to assist with any questions and to provide assistance in the delivery of sessions.

Session plans can also be downloaded from the Canada Soccer Association’s Long Term Player Development (LTPD) at

Alberta Soccer Association also provides the Preferred Training Method with additional information for the various age groups:

BSA U5 Academy 

The BSA U5 academy style is a, new to Beaumont, approach for our U5 group. It will be offered in both the fall and the spring. All players receive the same skills training; with each session ending in a scrimmage.

Why is "academy-style" training the way to go?

Academy style training is different because it is focused on player development first and foremost. The entire program is carefully designed by the technical director, to train the players on all of the fundamental skills of soccer, which are then reinforced through game-style scrimmages at the end of each training session.

How does it work?

Rather than dividing players into teams for the season, players are united to train together, improving camaraderie and cohesion throughout the age group. At each training session, players join a training group that they'll keep for that session - they'll train and play with this group. Then at the next practice, they'll get a new group to work with. This ensures that the players get to team up with all the other players throughout the season. It also allows us to move dominant players into their own groups giving shy players a good opportunity on the ball.  The training groups will be working their way through about three stations per session.

Why is it better than "league play" format for the youngest players?

This allows us to not only train the players on all the fundamentals of soccer, but also train and mentor these parent-coaches so they will be familiar with how to set up and run a high-quality training session should they elect to stay on as coaches in the future, as well as grow the leadership skills of our senior players.

Often the players of conventional recreational soccer programs, with their compressed season and a relatively large number of games, find themselves so busy playing the game; they never have time to learn the game. With academy style training, the sole focus is on learning the game, then applying those new skills through playing the game!