Referee Liaison

It is mandatory for every team to provide a referee liaison for every league game both home and away. The liaison can be anyone with the exception of the Head Coach or an Assistant Coach and their main role will be to act as a deterrent to possible acts of misbehaviour by spectators or team officials.

The referee liaison must be an individual who is able to control and monitor the behaviour of parents and coaches throughout the game.

This role is to be taken very seriously and the goal of this role is to keep the parents and coaches in the game following the rules as set forth in the code of conduct as well as maintaining respect for the referees and the opposing team.

This role is not in place to question any of the calls made by the referees.

The name of the referee liaison must be marked in the area provided on the game sheet. The team has a 15 minute grace period in which to provide a liaison or they will or they will default the game.

The referee liaison armbands or pocket lanyards have been provided to each BSA Coach via EMSA so there is no excuse for not having these armbands at every game.

EMSA Memorandum on Referee Liaisons