The BSA Outdoor Soccer registration is conducted online only, via the EMSA portal and payments are processed in TeamSnap from Feb 1st thru mid April. Detailed registration information will be found on the BSA Homepage

U5 and U7

Both the U5 and U7 programs are delivered at the Multi-use field behind the Beaumont Composite High School.

  • U5 will be every Saturday morning for 45 minutes (schedule depending)
  • U7 will be every Saturday morning for 60 minutes (schedule depending)

All players are provided with jersey, shorts and socks. We do our best to provide the kits to match the sizes of the players, but due to the size ranges, some players may have kits that are a bit large. Players will need to wear shinpads at all times. Soccer shoes are not required for this age group, so running shoes can be used.

For these age groups, we ask that parents remain at the facility. Many of these young players may need assistance during the sessions and the coaches will be unable to provide the required attention.

U9 to U19

The U9 to U19 programs will have games played on fields in Beaumont and Edmonton. Depending on the age groups and tier, games may be played in other surrounding communities such as Leduc, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park and others. All practices will be in Beaumont and are coordinated with the Team Staff and BSA Administrator

Game Days are typically Monday - Thursday. More detailed information on the age groups will be available on the registration pages.

Optional technical sessions will be available for all U11-U19. These sessions will require the players to pre-register to allow the technical team to assign staff. These registrations will be available 1 week before the sessions and will be posted to

EMSA Player and Team Official Cards

Depending on the age group, EMSA will require that players have a Player Card. This can be done electronically with the EMSA E-Card process. For information on this process, please refer to

All Players, Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers for U9 and Up are required to have an EMSA ID card.


Community U5
Players: No
Team Officials: No

Community U7
Players: No
Team Officials: No

Community  U9, U11 (City Wide)
Players: No
Team Officials: Yes

Community  U13, U15, U17, U19 (City Wide)
Players: Yes
Team Officials: Yes

There is no grace period for missing EMSA ID cards. All players, coaches, assistant coaches or managers must have their cards for the first game. If a player does not have a card and they play then the team will forfeit the game. If the coach, assistant coach or manager does not have their cards then they will not be permitted on the bench.  If there is a Yes beside your age program or position and you play at a soccer centre you will need an EMSA ID. Facility pass will now be a decal that has to be placed on the back of your EMSA ID.

Is my Outdoor Card valid for the Indoor season?

Yes, Your Outdoor EMSA ID card is good for the Indoor season as long as the Expiry date has not passed.


The approximate start date for all age categories is TENTATIVELY mid-October ends late-January/early-February for regular season play .

We plan for each team to play 12-14 regular season games, however we can NOT guarantee this.

For teams advancing to post season play (U9-U19) games continue into July.

The dates and locations will be posted once the information is confirmed and available.



Players and coaches should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of all games. This allows the coaches time to give instructions to the players prior to the game.

Parents of U5 and U7 must stay for all games so that they can enjoy observing their child’s activities and be present if they are needed by the child or coach. This rule is relaxed for U9 and up, however ensure the Coach has an emergency contact number to be reached at before leaving.


ALL teams must have at least one adult that is of the same gender as the players. For example, if the Coach, Assistant Coach and Manager of a GIRLS team are all male, then they must include a fourth person – one of the parents, to be a “Bench Mom” and present on the bench. This is required for all games. The same, in reverse, applies to the BOYS team that requires a “Bench Dad”.