What is required to be a Coach

Every year we put together approximately 60-65 teams in the Outdoor season and 25-30 teams in the Indoor season. We are only able to do this and be successful when parents volunteer to be a Head Coach or an Assistant Coach. These are integral postitions within our organization that are "show stoppers" if we don't have them.

So what does it take to be not only a coach but be a good coach. Well there are no cookie cutter coaches, however we do have manuals and mentors that will often provide insight into successful coaching of the game of soccer. It takes patience, a knowledge of the game (but not an expert for sure) and a time commitment.

Do you think that you are up to it? If you are, then you'll need to complete the a few steps before registering for a course...yes we will give you course in which your virtual toolbox will be filled with a number of skills and tools.

Coaching Soccer - Requirements

As with any amateur or professional sport, the coaches have certain required coaching levels as they progress in the sport either from community to competitive or from a certain age group up to the next age group.

The intent of this page is to provide some clarity to coaches on what coaching requirements they must be certified and current in.

  • Tier 5 - 9 (Community)
    • At least one team official needs to have taken the age appropriate EMSA course.
    • ASA/NCCP certifications are not required but coaches can still get certified.
    • You need either the ASA/NCCP certification OR the EMSA courses.  You do not need both.
    • These teams participate in Inter-Cities.
    • There are no Provincials.


  • Tier 1 - 4 (Premier & Community)
    • At least one team official needs to have the age appropriate ASA/NCCP certification.
    • EMSA courses will not suffice.
    • Provincials start at U10.
    • There are no Inter-Cities.

EMSA Coaching Courses

    • Level 1 – Mini U4, U6 and U8This course is designed for the development of movement skills needed for all sports, with the main emphasis on soccer. Games, methodology, and techniques will be given to the participants so that an enjoyable experience will be had by all. This course will give any new soccer coach the tools needed to run great practices and activity sessions. Wear active clothing and footwear!


    • Level 2 – U10 to U18 CommunityThis course is designed to give the coach ideas on how to  improve his team’s technical skill. This would be for the Tier 3 – 9 coach who wishes to improve their team’s enjoyment and success on the field. We will be going over proper techniques on shooting, heading, fitness and ball control. Wear active clothing and footwear!

CSA/ASA/NCCP Certified Courses

      • Active Start (U5): Is designed for the first time coach. The focus is on teaching good basic skills and basic physical literacy.


      • FUNdamentals (U7-U9): Learn how to develop the ABCs of movement: Agility, Balance, Coordination and speed, while running a practice session that is fun, safe and keeps children actively engaged.


      • Learn To Train (U11): The emphasis of this course is on technical and tactical development within a small sided game environment (6v6, 7v7, 8v8). You’ll learn how to teach basic principles of play and how to establish training ethics and discipline in a fun and challenging environment.


    • Soccer for Life (U13 and Up): The emphasis of this course is on technical and tactical development within the 11-a-side game environment. You’ll learn how to plan and deliver effective, enjoyable, age-appropriate practices and how to provide feedback to your players.

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