Coaching Course Registration

There are two ways to become a qualified soccer coach in Beaumont.

First, there are Edmonton Minor Soccer Association (EMSA) level courses which will provide you with the minimum recognized skill level to take to the pitch as a coach. The EMSA Coaching Courses are only valid for coaching in EMSA. If in the higher age groups your teamproceeds to Provincials one of the Team Staff requirss an ASA course. The EMSA Coaching Courses are yet to be announced for the Indoor season.

Secondly, there are Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) courses which will provide National Certification that is recognized anywhere in Canada, useful in the event you may move and decide to coach outside the EMSA jurisdiction.

The ASA courses are tracked by the National Coaching Certification Program at whereas the EMSA course are not.

We recommend that if you have the time to take a course, take an ASA course.

Please select the button below to view the list of upcoming ASA courses that you may decide to register for.

To reiterate what is on other pages but important here are as follows:

Active Start is for U5;
FUNdamentals is for U7 & U9;
Learning to Train is for U11; and
Soccer for Life is for U13 and Up

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