Community 2 Round Tiering System


Groups/Tiers for all rounds are made up of 5-6 teams. Groups with 6 teams will play 5 games towards standings. Groups with 5 teams will play 4 games towards standings and have 1 bye game.

Final standings are determined based on Points/Games Played, in order to ensure that teams are not penalized for having only 4 games that count towards the standings.

The first round is set up as a seeding round. Teams are placed in divisions based on a coach tier request form please collaborate with your zone on direction with tier placement.  Teams will play a 4-5 game round robin. Once this round is complete, the teams are broken down further into their appropriate tiers based on the standings.

The second round is set up as a main round. Teams were placed in tiers 4-9 based on their final standings in Round 1. From here teams will play a double round robin for their remaining season. Results from this round will determine post season advancement into City Finals. This is not always the case, however, and the final decision, based on standings, is left to the discretion of the League Director.