Referee Pay Structure

2018 Outdoor Season

Note 1: Referees will be paid at the field by the HOME team Team Manager. This will be tracked by the BSA Treasurer.


Note 2: If in a U11 & up game an Assistant Referee is absent, the Centre Referee and the other AR are present, will evenly divide the missing ARs pay. If only the Centre Referee is present for the game, he/she will get all the money allocated for the referees for that game.


Note 3: In the event a game is cancelled due to lightning, extreme weather, or poor air quality index by the referee at the field, the referees will still be paid. If the game is cancelled by BSA ahead of the game, such as in the morning, the referees will not be paid for that game as they did not have to go to the field.


2018 Beaumont Community Games - Outdoor Pay Scale

Centre Referees

U9 - $30

U11 - $30

U13 - $40

U15 - $50

U17 - $60

U19 - $60

Assistant Referees

U9 - N/A (Not Used)

U11 - $20 NEW

U13 - $25

U15 - $30

U17 - $35

U19 - $35