Clothing and Equipment - Indoor

U5 and U7

Children in these age categories are given a jersey by the Beaumont Soccer Association, and are allowed to keep it. All soccer players are asked to wear black shorts and black socks, due to the rule regarding matching shorts and socks.

Under 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, & 19

In these age groups, children are issued 2 jerseys (Home White and Away Blue) (except U9 which only receives 1 jersey) to use throughout the season. Prior to receiving your son’s or daughter’s jerseys a deposit cheque of $200 ($100 for U9) post dated for April 15th of the upcoming year, must be given to your Team Manager, payable to Beaumont Soccer Association. Upon returning the assigned player’s jerseys to your child’s Coach during or at the end of the season the equipment will then be returned to the equipment locker and upon review of the jerseys if they are clean and in wearable condition the players deposit cheque for the jerseys will be destroyed. For any jerseys not returned by the last equipment return date or destroyed (unacceptable staining, torn, and or molded) a player’s deposit cheque will be cashed. For any player jerseys that are not laundered or require bleaching for stains obtained during the season a $25.00 fee  will be charged to the player/parent.

Please note: When the white jerseys are soiled they should be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent staining as well please hang wet jerseys to dry as soon as possible thus preventing mold.

Beaumont Soccer Association endeavours to provide Goal Keeper gloves as part of team equipment for U9 & up. Keeper gloves like shin pads, and soccer shoes are customized for each players needs and often need to be purchased by the parents for their children.




Home Team = White Jerseys
Away Team = Blue Jerseys

There is a $200 jersey deposit cheque collected for each player U11 and up which is destroyed when the jerseys are returned at the end of your season. Parents are responsible for returning the jerseys to the coach so the coach can return all the equipment together.

• Jerseys are to be returned in the same condition as they were received
• Jerseys need to be washed after every use
• Stains need to be dealt with immediately
• Jerseys will mold if left wet and will ruin the jersey
• We need all jerseys returned to keep whole sets
• Jerseys need to be returned to the coach after the last game
Shin Pads

Shin Pads

Shin pads are mandatory for all players.

Children without shin pads will not be allowed to participate in games or practices. Shin pads are worn under socks. For hygiene reasons please remember to wash and air dry shin pads.

Water Bottles

Water Bottle

All players should have their own labeled water bottle.

Eye Glasses

Eye Glasses

Eye glasses are allowed ONLY if they are prescription and ONLY if they are made of plastic and are non-shattering lenses. Sunglasses are NOT permitted unless they are prescription lenses. Sport glasses and sport glass covers are permitted.



Jewellery (earrings, necklaces, etc.) is NOT allowed when playing soccer. FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association – the world governing body for soccer) and the CSA are clear in this regard. A player cannot wear something that can hurt themselves or anyone else on the field, i.e. jewellery.

Medical-Alert jewellery or clothing required by player’s religion may be worn only if the referee deems it safe and does not give the player an unfair advantage. Medical-Alert jewellery can normally be made safe by wrapping it with tape, with the necessary information showing.

A player refusing to remove any type of jewelry at the request of the referee (including all external body piercing(s)) will not be permitted to play.

Casts/Splints and Athletic Braces

Ankle Brace

  • Hard casts (plaster) are NOT permitted – even if padded.
  • Soft Casts – if adequately padded will be allowed if the Referee approves it.
  • Braces are permitted – but if it is a hard brace or has edges – it must be padded.

If a player has a cast or brace to intimidate or with intent to injure – they will be cautioned and sent off the field.

Head Covering “Hijab”


The wearing of sports type hijab will be permitted upon a satisfactory pre-game inspection by the referee, as mandated by FIFA rule four, which states all items of clothing or equipment other than the basic equipment must be inspected by the referee and determined to be safe.

  • The wearing of other forms of the hijab will also be permitted at the discretion of the referee, but only after a pre-game determination that the hijab does not pose a danger to the wearer or any other player.
  • The objective in developing clear guidelines and communicating same is to ensure continuity of implementation across the province.


  • Shin Pads: No child will be allowed to play without shin pads. These can be purchased from Short Stop Sports, or at most stores selling sporting goods
  • Socks: Soccer socks -Smaller sizes (1-3 and 3-5) can be found at Kicks Sports (2027 111 st), 3-5 can be found at Sport Check.
  • Footwear: Running shoes or Indoor soccer shoes (U11 and up) - MUST BE CLEAN
  • Dark Shorts: Preferably Black. Track pants are acceptable for younger age groups.
  • Jerseys: Provided by BSA, U9 and up jerseys must be returned at end of the season (hence Jersey Deposit). Younger age groups get jerseys they can keep.

Indoor Soccer shoes are recommended for U9 and up due to the higher speed of the games and more rapid movement and direction changes of the players. These shoes have a lower profile and tighter fit than runners thereby providing more stability and minimizing the risk of a turned ankle.