Clothing & Equipment - Outdoor

    • Water Bottle: All Players shall have a water bottle. Dehydration and overheating is a real and serious risk to Player safety, especially in middle of summer with the amount of running they do. Children do not sweat as much as adults, because of this they cannot cool down as efficiently as adults. Therefore, water breaks are very important. Please make sure the bottle is properly washed between games.
    • Shin Pads: No Player will be permitted to participate without shin pads. These can be purchased from most sporting goods stores. For the younger age groups, the most basic shin pad is better - i.e. no elastic/velcro strap and no ankle protector.
    • Socks: These will be provided by BSA.
    • Footwear: Running shoes or cleats (older ages groups)
    • Issue: Identifying shoes with toe cleats.During the equipment inspection the referee is looking for proper or improper/ potentially dangerous equipment. Shoes with toe cleats are not allowed to be worn; these are typically found on baseball style cleats though not all baseball cleats have the toe cleat. The toe cleats may not be cut off in an effort to circumvent this rule.  The main difference between baseball and soccer cleats is the cleat pattern on the bottom of the shoe. It is illegal to have a "toe cleat" in soccer, which would be located directly underneath the middle toes and may be a single or double cleat. This is mostly for safety purposes because the toe cleat could cause more injury in soccer.
    • Dark Shorts:  These will be provided by BSA. Track pants are acceptable for younger age groups.
    • Game Jersey: Each player will be given a jersey that they get to keep at the end of the season. BSA no longer collects  jersey deposit cheques.
    • Dress for the Weather: Another layer can be worn under the soccer jersey; ideally it will match the colour of the shorts. If a hoodie is worn, the hood must be tucked in under the jersey when on the field of play.  For U9 or older age groups,  confirm with the Centre Referee for additional uniform parts.