EMSA Soccer Field Setup

The Edmonton Minor Soccer Association (EMSA) the governing body for the Beaumont Soccer Association requires that teams be situated along opposite Touchlines diagonal to each other of the right side of the Centre line when facing the field.

The parents and spectators of each each is to be situated along the same Touchline as their team but on the left hand side of the Centre line when facing the field.

Both teams and spectators are to remain 2 meters back from the Touchline.

At no time are there to be spectators or team officials behind the Goalline coaching, cheering or otherwise distracting the Goalkeeper.

The use of flags to mark the Centre Line and or the Retreat lines are optional and therefore not considered as part of the field of play so these flags are to be place 1 meter off the Touchlines.

Conversely, the corner flags are part of the field of play and are therefore placed on the outside edge of the corner field markings.

Teams are permitted a Technical Area for the Coaches and Team Officials to work with their players. This area is 2 meters to the right of the Centre flag extending to the right 7 meters and 2 meters off the Touchline so as not to impede the Assistant Referee in U11 and up.

Teams are to line up their Substitution players at the Centre flag.  When authorized by the Centre Referee these Substitution players are to call off the players being substituted. The player leaving the field are to do so by the shortest route. Once crossing a Touchline or Goalline the player raises his or her arm to indicate they have left the field of play. The Substitution player(s) may enter the field of play as the player they are replacing clears the field of play.

EMSA Memo on Sideline Placements for Teams and their Spectators